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Sam Pelkey Ryan (Sparks)
Sam Pelkey
Ryan (Sparks)

An original I wrote last night by combining pretty much everything I’ve worked on last summer. Unpolished.

I prefer to remain unenlightened, to better appreciate the dark.

the lonely shark


ohhhhh i’m the loneliest shark in shark week / all the other sharks are out to playyyyy / but i don’t wanna go sharkingggg / i just want to chill and stayyyy / with a nice stack of pancakes / maybe some syrup tooooo / i don’t wanna go out sharking / just share some food with youuuuu

Help, I’m trapped on the surface of a sphere

Having issues with formatting coming through when I upload poetry to Tumblr. If anyone has dealt with this problem before and can give me advice, please send me an ask. Thanks!


There came a point

when it felt easier to shrug than stand

There came a point

when words rolled off of you like raindrops

on a waterproof jacket.

One day, after years of dodging slings and arrows

you developed a passive force field.

One day, you found your staff of Moses

you parted the waters and

not a drop landed on your skin.

One day, you became untouchable.

And now, when my hands reach for you

They touch the mortared stones of walls you built

to accept the things that hurt you.

I am Joshua

You are my Jericho

But I am the only person at your gates

And you do not hear my horn;

My seven days are up.

crude love
crude love


by slug

hear your voices
know them the same
the same voices now
as registered by my five-year-old ears
my twelve-year-old ears
yesterday’s ears

hear your voices now
and I can still hear them,
clearly, the same as I did
when I was child
and most concerned with my shadow

hear your…

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a hipster"
Me, upon realizing that I post poetry on tumblr for attention

You All Need To Watch Black Dynamite

  • Bullhorn: Man, you guys ain't had no waffles like these. These waffles are so good, they're like they come from down South. These buttery motherfuckers will melt in your mouth. Man you ain't had no waffles...
  • Black Dynamite: Wait! Bullhorn, what did you just say? You said, 'Melts in your mouth'. Quick...
  • [erases the restaurant menu blackboard]
  • Black Dynamite: What else melts in your mouth?
  • Cream Corn: M&M's!
  • Black Dynamite: Exactly. And not in your hands. And who makes M&M's?
  • Militant #3: Mars Candy Company make it. Yeah, yeah.
  • Black Dynamite: And Mars is also...
  • Saheed: The Roman God of War.
  • Black Dynamite: Who is the Greek God of War?
  • Militant 2: Ares.
  • Black Dynamite: Now, you take Mars and spell it backwards, drop the S.
  • Cream Corn: Ram. That's right. And ram is the zodialogical sign for Aries. Oh! Now dig. Ares' half-sister is Athena.
  • Black Dynamite: Now you're getting it.
  • Cream Corn: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Athena, Athens.
  • Saheed: Which is the capital of Greece.
  • Black Dynamite: And as we all know, zodialogical astronomy was created by the Greeks in...
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: 785 B.C.
  • Militant 2: And 785 is the area code to Topeka. Oh, my God. 785 is the area code to Topeka, Kansas!
  • Bullhorn, Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: Code Kansas!
  • Black Dynamite: Now take that, spell it backwards and drop the S.
  • Militant #3: Snake doc. Snake doctor, yeah!
  • Black Dynamite: Yes. And brothers, who is the Greek Demigod of Medicine who believed that snakes' tongues had mystical healing powers?
  • Cream Corn: Aesculapius, of course. He had a staff with snakes intertwining all around that bitch. They called it Aesculapius' staff. It's a symbol the medical field uses to this day.
  • Black Dynamite: Now, what legend involving snakes is in both Greek and Roman mythology? Now, come on. It involves Aesculapius' own father.
  • Woman at table: Apollo.
  • Black Dynamite: Yeah. Thanks, lady.
  • Saheed: That's right. Apollo slew the serpent at Delphi, which was a big-ass snake.
  • Black Dynamite: And what, brothers, is the biggest snake in the world?
  • Woman at table: The South American anaconda.
  • Black Dynamite: What she said.
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: Anaconda Malt Liquor!
  • Black Dynamite: And what is the slogan for Anaconda Malt Liquor? Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you...
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: WHOOOOO!
  • Black Dynamite: Gives you what?
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: WHOOOOO!
  • Black Dynamite: And who else is famous for...
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: WHOOOOO! Little Richard!
  • Black Dynamite: Who?
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: Little Richard!
  • Black Dynamite: So, what they're really saying is...
  • Cream Corn, Saheed, Militant 2, Militant #3: Anaconda Malt Liquor gives you... Little Richard?
  • Black Dynamite: What is another word for Richard?
  • [Black Dynamite crosses out 'Richard' on the blackboard. The gang look down on their pants]
  • "Giving up on someone is one of the hardest things to do
    Giving up means that at one point you had put in great effort
    for someone you cared a great deal for
    That you had been holding that person up upon your shoulders
    when their legs were too weak to stand on their own
    No matter how heavy
    and no matter how long
    You held them up so high they could see above the clouds
    Giving up means you have to let that person go-
    even if it means leaving them to fend for themselves And when you do finally let that person go-
    you have to imagine that you had left them
    in the middle of a desert
    with no chance of surviving Because the thought of them surviving in your mind forever-
    would be way too heavy to carry